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Hidromas is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of quality components for the hydraulic tipper market.

Maximum durability and easy maintenance are inherent features of the unique Hidromas design. The special tube diameters, and their thickness, make the Hidromas Gold Series the lightest and strongest in the world with 15% more lifting capacity than other makes.  The advanced sealing system, with all stages chrome plated, guarantees easier service and no oil leakage, with cylinders operating between -40C/+60C.  

The Hidromas range includes hydraulic cylinders, gear and piston pumps, control valves, oil tanks, PTOs and complete wet kits. Each component is engineered with meticulous precision, thus meeting BPW’s rigorous requirements in terms of offering its customers uncompromising quality, service and support.

BPW Limited is the sole distributor for the Hidromas product range across the UK and Ireland. For further details on the Hidromas range contact BPW Limited on 0116 281 6100.

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